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1) Install Prince of Persia 3D
2) Install Prince of Persia 3D 1.1 patch
3) Launch the game with pop3d.exe -l "geometry\rooms\ivorytwr"
4) Start a new game
5) Walk until you get to the pool and jump into it

With dgVoodoo you get this:
You can briefly see here what it's supposed to look like here:

Also resolution forcing crashes the game if QT4 is installed, some sort of conflict because the game and QT uses the same DLL in a weird way? If you copy the QT file (syswow64\QuickTime.qts) to the game directory and hack it to point to for example ddra2.dll (and make that a copy of dgVoodoo's ddraw.dll) then it won't crash.

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I didn't check out the QuickTime part but indeed underwater is bad. But not everywhere. It is in the Ivory palace level but is OK in the first level.
The game feeds DX with strange fog start/end values (fog "starts" behind the camera! 😀 ) so everything is in full fog under the water. I don't know why it is, I'll check it out on my Win7 machine later to see how it behaves natively.
Isn't it something with the 1.1 patch?

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Hi Dege,

Indeed, the issue seems to only be present in the second level, the Ivory Tower.
I tested patch version 1.1 and it works fine on a native retro PC with GeForce 2 / GeForce 3 / GeForce 4 video cards running on Windows 98 with driver version 45.23.
Also, tried DDrawCompat v0.2.1 on Windows 10 (also with patch 1.1) and it doesn't exhibit the same behavior (however it's much slower than dgVoodooo)