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Little bump as I'm playing around with my ALS cards again.

Installed my "J-Sir" ALS007 card in a slightly exotic (VLB...) Pentium 100 system. ALS007 and ALS100 drivers are in the same package, but the config util is clearly quite different - most obviously because there's no separate high DMA option - it just gets given same DMA as you select for low. That was already noted by gerwin years ago. Thing is, I'm not totally convinced this is a hardware difference, so I'm going to try the ALS100 drivers on this card, and both drivers on an ALS100 that I know does allow separate high DMA. Will report findings here.

(in any event this system is getting a different card afterwards, as the 3.5mm audio out connector is dodgy, losing me the right channel unless I physically push against the plug)

Finished testing and it's clearly hardware, unfortunately. Even if I have ALS.INI from the ALS100 specifying SB16DMA16=5, running ALSINIT.EXE pointing to that ALS.INI results in High DMA being equal to Low DMA, i.e. A220 I5 D1 H1. Conversely, if I take my ALS100 card, the same setup gives H5.

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Tiido wrote on 2020-08-31, 12:49:

Sound Edge (SW20PC) most definitely has no SB16 support, only WSS and partial SBpro support.

This is why DOSBox X emulates the OPL3 and not the OPL4.

Daniel L Newhouse