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James-F wrote on 2016-09-07, 14:13:
Here is a comparison of the hardware SC-55 and SC-VA in SC-55 Map. […]
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Here is a comparison of the hardware SC-55 and SC-VA in SC-55 Map.

From 00:09 you can hear a muted Crash Cymbal on the hardware SC-55 (as the composer intended), but on SC-VA it is not muted but freely ringing and has a different sound.
From 00:42 there is a Ride Cymbal which sounds completely different on SC-VA, and the same un-muted crash afterwards.

Immediately 00:00 you can hear the different Ride Cymbal sound like on the doom track on 00:42.
A completely different Kick Drum sound.

These different sounds appeared on the SC-88 and replaced the SC-55 sounds even in SC-55 Map on the real hardware.
You can actually acknowledge this fact by going to this wonderful site and listening by yourself:

Doom - E1M1 [Roland SC-8820_55MAP].mp3, You can hear that the SC-8820 mutes the Crash Cymbal but SC-VA don't (they didn't emulate the control rom properly),
also the Ride Cymbal at 00:44 is not like on the real SC-55 hardware which proves Roland completely replaced some sounds in SC-88 and up.
Doom - E1M1 [Roland SC-8820_88MAP].mp3, The Crash Cymbal doesn't mute because it is not on SC-55 Map, and obviously different ride cymbal sound.
Duke Nukem 3D - Intro [Roland SC-8820_55MAP].mp3, Same as the SC-VA, the drum sounds are different.

This is a small example but there are more sounds that differ on the later models in SC-55 Map from a real SC-55.
This should make obvious that not even the later hardware models can sound like the SC-55.
So to conclude once again, if you want an authentic SC-55 experience which a lot of DOS games are composed on, find a good SC-55 on Ebay, buy it and keep it.
But anything from SC-88 and up, I believe is perfectly emulated on SC-VA since the developers based it on the 8820 which has the same control rom as the 88 and 88Pro.

Great post, i only noticed cymbals sound difference now 🤣.
Is there fix from Roland for proper SC-55 "muted" cymbals and other instruments? Or maybe a fan fix?