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Postby pdw » 2019-2-07 @ 20:06

USB-to-parallel dongles certainly won't work. Those can only drive printers, not other parallel port hardware. A PCI-Express parallel port will work. (If you have a laptop with a ExpressCard slot, that will work as well.)

On the software side, there isn't much support for Windows. Serge has an explanation here for how to use the OPL2LPT with VirtualBox on Windows 7: https://hackaday.io/project/28665-opl2l ... virtualbox
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Postby kirikl » 2019-2-07 @ 21:11

Can OPL2LPT work with midi in/out to be able to play with keyboard in Windows. Like for example relatively modern laptop without any FM synth + USB-Midi cable and OUT to opl2lpt? Should that work. Is it possible to make it work in winfows 98-xp? Or even 7? Windows 7 would be even more cool! That would make that thing truly universal.
Patching game is cool too, so it could be possible with 286
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