Amazing website for MIDI music...

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Amazing website for MIDI music...

Postby Ozzuneoj » 2017-10-11 @ 03:22

I was curious as to how many progressive rock\metal songs had been redone in MIDI over the years and I was blown away by this site:

The quality of most of the tracks I've listened to is incredible. It's awesome because even if you aren't into this type of music, listening to it in MIDI is really enjoyable. I've only just started listening to the songs with the horrid sounding built in synth in Windows 10's media player. I can't wait to put them through my SC55... I don't currently have my main PC set up to hook up to it.

Some notable bands that have some awesome MIDI renditions:

I wonder what these would sound like with FM music...

EDIT: Just listened to some with my SC55... *tear* :happy:
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Re: Amazing website for MIDI music...

Postby m5215tx » 2017-10-11 @ 13:36

Nice find! I started a thread a while back asking about good sources for MIDI music. Looks like I will be spending some time going through all of these MIDI's. :-D
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