Reality Adlib Tracker with OPL2LPT

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Reality Adlib Tracker with OPL2LPT

Postby milpool » 2018-12-02 @ 13:46

Hi everyone,

i have just patched Reality Adlib Tracker 1.1a to make use of the OPL2LPT on Lpt1 (0x3bc), and it's working fine, BUT: The effects are completely out of timing. Slide effects make some notes not play at all, or at a wrong pitch. Tunes which don't use effects play perfectly.

I have also compiled the stand alone player routine and everything is alright, so i guess it has to be the tracker which glitches on my machine. It's an IBM PS/2 Model L40SH (386sx/20), so maybe that machine is simply to slow to get the timing of the tracker and the player right at the same time?

Edit: Okay, i got it working now :lol: It was a bit tricky, because the adlib routine did a bit more than just updating the adlib registers..

Anyway, i have the player and the tracker attached.
Reality AdLib Tracker 1.1a OPL2LPT
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Re: Reality Adlib Tracker with OPL2LPT

Postby BloodyCactus » 2018-12-02 @ 16:19

since they just released Reality Adlib Tracker 2.0 you could just ask the author to do it for you... He is working on a 2.1 update so get int touch with him. well.... I dont know if 2.0 is a DOS or purely windows thing anymore but you could try asking him. ... ib-tracker
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