3D Accelerated Games List (Proprietary APIs - No 3DFX/Direct3D)

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Re: 3D Accelerated Games List (Proprietary APIs - No 3DFX/Direct3D)

Postby Myloch » 2018-10-12 @ 15:09

vetz wrote:Never heard about a Windows version of Destruction Derby outside the S3D version. If it exists I doubt it includes the S3D support, as it was an exclusive deal made between Psgynosis and Diamond Multimedia.

I got both the uk version by Dice and the japanese one by Gamebank. The Dice one is the usual dos cdrom (even if there's a nice Windows logo on the front part of the box...go figure!), plus an extra cdrom for pdf manual (facepalm). The Gamebank one is a genuine w95 port of the dos version. I don't own the Neon edition but I bet it's another dos version reprint.
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