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RaVeN-05 wrote on 2021-03-14, 20:24:

Asghan: The Dragon Slayer - possible can use S3D , ATI 3D CIF, Matrox MSI, since it contains DLL's for that APIs.

Dll files this has in its game folder, i see ATi 3dcif.dll, but no exe file for that ATi CIF, exe files are for 3dfx, directx 3d and for 2d version, at least version 0.37 of the game is like that. Strange that they have the files, but no execute files, to use all these features.

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Well, Asghan uses glide2x but have glide1x dlls (glide.dll, sst1init.dll) on the game CD. For what purpose? Because WE CAN! 😀
So "there is a dll" isn't the correct method to detect.

P.S. Joint Strike Fighter and Speedboat Attack (the V2 patch) install glide1x dlls too.

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Stiletto wrote on 2013-07-27, 19:19:

Rendermorphics Reality Lab

Somehow I missed that Gona had acquired Criterion RenderWare release 1.3 and Rendermorphics Reality Lab demos for Matrox MGA Athena (Impression Plus/Lite) in 2018:

PS. Nice 1997 article: https://archive.gyford.com/1997/wired-uk/1.06 … es/three_d.html

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