Green phosphor monitor

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Green phosphor monitor

Postby kikenovic » 2017-1-10 @ 20:15

To make story short, do you know of an AGP 2x card, that would work with a composite green phosphor monitor? (see attached). The plan is to use it in DOS.

Back in the late 90's I was given that monitor, first thing I tried was my NES. Heck, I even used it with my Dreamcast after my TV broke in the early 2000's. Green Crazy Taxi lol
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Re: Green phosphor monitor

Postby Jorpho » 2017-1-10 @ 20:40

I suppose if they were easier to find, a lot more people would be using those green or amber or monochrome monitors.

Let's start by saying that you should NOT buy one of these cables, as I have never seen any indication of a card with which they are actually compatible.

But one of these should work: ... B001CJOLBW

If you want a card that will output composite video directly, then there are lots of those. The ATI All-in-Wonder cards come to mind; they definitely work fine in plain DOS. Depending on your needs you might want a faster card; I think you should be able to get a nice GeForce TI with composite out.
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