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I found a seller on amibay.

All total I was able to find several quoted prices for a PCX2.

200$ USD on Yahoo Auction Japan (it sold recently).
I was offered 200$ USD for a boxed Matrox M3D
I was also offered 110$ USD for just the card

There is a user on amibay who has two of these cards, but he never got back to me. I think he is a bit disorganized and couldn't get to it.

I just payed 70 euro plus shipping to the states, which ended up being 31 euros. So 101 euros, or 117$ USD is what I finally paid. Not cheap at all, but I am happy to add this item to my collection!

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oh that

Well uh, this has something called r_parseStageSimple which pre-blends blending function'd shaders' textures to alpha blended approximates with some pre-multiplied color adjustment to avoid the black halo effects (and combined with host video overbrighting, this *almost* looks additive). Currently there's bugs with vertex alphas and some walls getting transparency forced as the Techland SGL MiniGL seems to treat every surface having alpha channels active. It kind of works for a S3 ViRGE too? (PCem is REALLY handy for testing this)

that's it

My previous plan involved manually modifying q3 assets (which was done in my NV15 bench video) which I thought was too much trouble for what it's worth in labor and legality.

I mentioned ViRGE and it's similar in limitations except it's even more messed up regarding poly precision, performance, and can't modulate texture alpha, so if I were to treat ViRGE more seriously, i'd have to plan for texture atlases to substitute modulation with pre-faded sequences, or pull a PSX and draw simple vertex color discs with variating vertex alpha in place of smoke textures and explosions...

by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x