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Possible fix for Mobil 1 Rally Championship a.k.a. Rally Championship 2000 !!!

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Reply 20 of 25, by filipetolhuizen

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charlewi wrote:

This game isn't compatible with g-sync, not surprisingly. If like me you're getting an access violation as soon as the game tries to start and if you have a g-sync monitor, then DISABLE GSYNC in NVidia options. This fixed it straight away for me.

My set up is Windows 7 64 bit, Intel Xeon something or another, GTX 970. I used the cmd method to force low priority and single processor affinity as helpfully described by another poster. Still got the error towards the end of the last track, first arcade - I'll give the EVGA PrecisionX 16 frame limiter suggested by n20osboy a go.

While I'm here... Just played this game for the first time in many years, I was worried that I'd be disappointed but it's just as good as I remember it being. The way the arcade version functions and the track design are particularly good IMHO (esp considering how old this game is!). Nice to see others still enjoy it also.

In most cases framerate limiter is not enough. Creating a custom profile for the game forcing a very high Anti Aliasing mode using nvinspector worked fine. It reduces framerates more efficiently than framerate limiters.

Reply 21 of 25, by Armoreska

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I struggled to do something with the FPS on A2S2 after reading comments. It was actually ridiculously easy. I recorded using Fraps @ 30 FPS. Just finished Arcade 2 after recording all the way, although it ate all my disk space, and I had to clear it midplay.

(This is on Win 7 64; I tried on XP earlier but it was crap as described somewhere on the forum)

Reply 22 of 25, by liqmat

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Since the final patch "PATCH6 5.30.0 (04.08.2000)" is getting difficult to find with all the dead links floating around the Interwebs I thought I would attach it here for good measure. Got a hankering to play again and realized I did not have the final patch file anymore and trying to find it was actual work. If any racing game needs a proper remake... this.


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Reply 24 of 25, by liqmat

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Well this is a nice find! This of course has the final patch, but also tons of modified cfg files, utilities, skins and sound add-ons for this game. The top three download categories look like they are blank, but they are not and all the downloads work. Just click the tiny black down arrow and the download list will appear. You could spend hours with this stuff modifying the game. Crazy! (about 115MB of downloadable content on this website for this game)

Main page: http://www.explosiveracing.net/rc/

Downloads: http://www.explosiveracing.net/rc/downloads.htm