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Expendable (by Rage) bump mapping issue

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Reply 101 of 109, by Gamecollector

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Well, the main question is - supports EMBM through DX6, DX7 or later versions?
IIRC DX6 EMBM was used in Expendable only.

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Reply 103 of 109, by PhilsComputerLab

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soviet conscript wrote:

can anyone tell me how to open the command console and run the time demo in this game?

It uses command line options. This is what you need to do:

- Run the game and configure all the options in the launcher. Also go into the game, there are more options inside the game.
- Once you're happy, quite the game and create a shortcut to the GO.EXE file
- Edit the shortcut and add -timedemo (or -timedemo 1 or -benchmark)
- Then run the shortcut and it should pop up with a message that it's going to do a timedemo run

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Reply 106 of 109, by maximus

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I read somewhere that the PowerVR Kyro II supports EMBM, so I tried it out with Expendable and it works perfectly. Great frame rates with a P3 1GHz, too. Thanks again for the patch, Tuxality!


Reply 107 of 109, by leileilol

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Kyro 2 does support EMBM indeed (a lot of the Kyro tech demos involved EMBM in D3D in various creative ways including animated fire) so i'm not surprised at all!

by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x

Reply 108 of 109, by Tuxality

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Recently I've acquired Expendable on GOG and sadly my patch didn't work on this release. So... I've patched it again and enabled EMBM support on GOG release. 😀
If anyone has GOG release and would like to try it out, just grab new patch from my website: http://redtux.rocik.net/projects/expendable

Reply 109 of 109, by VirtuaIceMan

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I think Offroad by Rage also uses bump mapping on the cars

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