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Hi Vogons,

Does anyone know of a small windows desktop program that can allow me to create a bit of x86 assembly language, run it and see how the registers are effected? It would help if it emulated a bit of memory too.

I have Turbo Debugger but I can't create code on the fly, well not without writing over actually memory.

Thank you


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You can take UniPCemu, put it's debugger in single-step mode, then use nasm to compile a BIOS and copy it to the ROM directory, then run UniPCemu and observe the code executing by pressing numpad 2?

Afaik a compiler that allows for assembly machine code to be changed on the fly doesn't exist yet? I've never seen one at least.

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It's not a "small windows" program, but its free. You can use the MSVC community, in a 32-bit program you can inline asm (64-bit doesn't allow inline asm) and see the values for the registers as you step through. I do this a lot in my unit tests to make sure the actual asm on hardware matches what I do in my emulator.