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Is the retro software compatible to run PC-98 softwares for example in Windows 98?

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My best guess is yes for some and no for others. The PC-98 or PC9800 NEC series was a non-IBM compatible (as far as parts replacement) but ran with x86 CPU's just like IBM and PC clones.
It even ran DOS, Win 3.x and Win95 versions from what I read. The only problem would be early software versions might expect the non-standard video and audio interfacing.
About 1992 they started using more common parts / video formats and by 1994 were running P90, Matrox video and WSS sound compatibility.
So any PC-98 software after 1992 should run ok. Also read that many old standard PC games were ported over to the PC-98 .
That is all I know.
Curious why you ask ?

Hate posting a reply and then have to edit it because it made no sense 😁 First computer was an IBM 3270 workstation with CGA monitor.