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Hope i put this in the right spot --

I built a nice gaming system using a Micro board I got my hands on (VIA Apollo chipset w/onboard ES1373); TNT2 32MB; 3Com SC5990-TX; P3 slot 1 667. I put a Silicon SATA PCI card in and tossed a 120GB SSD on it (partition down to 32GB, dont need more than that) - the problem. Every other reboot it seems I get to the Windows startup screen then it goes blank as it should before the desktop but it just hangs with a flashing cursor. A reboot fixes it but of course I get the safemode / normal menu. It did this without any drivers yet installed and continues to do so. Any ideas?

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Hi and welcome to the forum! 😃
This subforum is dedicated to Vogons' original purpose: getting old games running on currently supported versions of Windows.Edit: Thread has been moved from The Guide to Marvin.

The Marvin subforum is dedicated to questions about old hardware and getting software to run on older systems and operating systems.

I'll ask the mods to move the thread for you. 👍

Regarding your issue: What drivers are you using and are there possibly any resource conflicts? Also is DMA enabled on the SSD?

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These cards are very selective about which motherboards they will work with. I've tried one in several, but the only one I've been able to use one is my trusty old Asus TXP4, and even them I had to do the steps in this thread: SIL3114 sata card, need ide firmware.

In a couple of other motherboards I've stayed with Promise ATA 100 PATA cards combined with SATA to IDE converters because the Promise cards work with little to no fussing about, and they are inexpensive. Their SATA cards are nice, but they are harder to find and command higher prices.

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