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stanwebber wrote on 2022-05-21, 15:59:

rare, but not at all desirable unless you play epic pinball games.

There is a bit more than just Epic Pinball such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Zone 66, Stargunner (not sure about this one but it doesn't allow me to select the sample rate and DMA channel in the setup program for the GUS), Death Rally and Star Control II.

Still, the GUS isn't really desirable for gaming as most of the games doesn't take advantage of the hardware mixer it has.

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well...it was a VERY inside joke. epic pinball is the ONLY computer game my girlfriend will play. i thought i saw her playing super mario bros once, but that has since been proven to be an urban legend. she LITERALLY has no interest in anything before or since. some days when i'm feeling overly pessimistic i can still hear those melodic gus tones bashing my psyche on the jagged rocks at the bottom of an endless pit past a bleak horizon of nothingness.