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Hi, I recently picked up an old Pentium II system and plan on using it to run some old DOS and Windows 98 programs. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations to ensure that I don't end up installing any malware on it. I do try to buy copies of the original disks or to download my games from reputable sources, such as GOG and Steam. However, that's not always an option, and a lot of games or software are only available from places like the Internet Archive.

There have been a few posts on here that recommend certain DOS anti-virus tools, but my preference is to download programs on my Windows 10 computer before transferring them to my retro machine. It does seem that some modern anti-malware tools no longer detect older viruses that don't infect modern OSes, so some modern options might not work. For example, I found this thread:


Does anyone have any recommendations? Are there any modern anti-malware programs that still detect older malware? What about running a DOS anti-virus program in DOSBox? Linux would be fine too if there are any options that require it.

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You can use old McAfee Viruscan or F-prot for DOS to scan for a wide variety of old DOS and pre-windows XP era viruses. but if you need a portable one
you can use VCheck, it's a DOS -based but Windows aware AV I created back in 1999, the last version was an unreleased beta in 2005. it can handle most of the common file and boot sector viruses in the late and early 90's...copy and run in the hdd or floppy no need to boot from clean disk as it can disable the virus even if active under DOS




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