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KOL - Knights of Legend is an 80's dos game from Origin. I used DOSBox to get it running on my Chromebook. It works. I used a mount command/entry, so I can play without the game requesting a CDrom. But I have 2 problems.

1. The game plays as a small screen in DOSBox, what command/entry/script, do I use to make the game full screen?
2. The game is playing with two cursors on the screen. One is from the game itself, the other is from DOSBox. The cursor arrows move together like a mirror image. How do I get rid of the DOSBox arrow/cursor.

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DOSBox has no mouse cursor. What you are seeing is probably the OS mouse cursor. It is probably using seamless mouse mode. Instead try to capture the mouse. Try pressing CTRL-F10 to capture/release the mouse.

For scaling up the image, there are multiple options in the [sdl] section of the dosbox config file that may be used.