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Palm OS DosxBox,not Symbian DosBox?Why???

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How many people have PalmOS phones or PDAs,and how many-Symbian ones?It's not fair don't you think?I hate people... 😒

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wd > Super Nanny

DOSBox 60 seconds guide | How to ask questions
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Well, did you have a look on Symbian programming?

I had once long time ago a wild idea to start porting DOSBOX to Symbian... (I am a Java/C++ programmer, though not Symbian programmer).
I ended about two hours later after realizing that Symbian does not support proper C++ standards (even such basic things as exceptions were not supported before Symbian 9.1). So it would need quite a bit of modification. Documentation and development tools are also far from perfect.
Another thing is the mandatory "Symbian signed" disaster (requiring external certificate/signing for all non-trivial applications). Supposedly increasing security, in fact killing freeware and small developers.
Yes, there is a free way to get signing for freeware - but far from ideal - multiple developers complained of their freeware applications waiting several months for signing...
Shareware is minimal because even a small developer must pay a few hundreds dolars for testing/signing (if he wants to sell his software)
There are far more Symbian phones than Windows Mobile, but in applications it is opposite. Open source community for Symbian is almost not existing... Symbian phones are treated as just "feature" phones instead of "smart" phones because of this... Overdone security is killing the platform...
Complain at Nokia for this nightmare...