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Monopoly 3 (2002) on windows 10 on LAN (wrong, corrupted display)

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Hello Guys!
I have a problem with the game monoply 3 (2002) REMOVED that we want to play the game on Lan (on windows 10). When I click on "Play game online" button, the whole game goes down to the tray and "Host", "Join", etc. appear in a separate window.
I press the Host, the other PC sees the host PC fine after pressing "Join".
But when the game comes back from the tray, the game window is completely corrupted and the whole thing becomes unplayable (I show a picture about that).

I tried to help with dgVoodoo 2 (I don't know if it would really help) but specifically, the game doesn't seem to notice, the resolution doesn't change, the dgVoodoo watermark doesn't show etc...

Do you have any ideas how to solve it? We really want to play this game on Lan 🙁

Thank you for your help!


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