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Speed guidelines

Postby Spikey » 2003-3-10 @ 02:49

I was just wondering, would it be possible for you guys to make a list of recommended speeds for games?
Personally, I'm interested in speeds for Sierra games and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could compile a list of speeds for the Quests, etc.

King's Quest 6- .006


- Spikey
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Postby Schadenfreude » 2003-3-10 @ 22:44

I think it would depend on the speed of your processor.
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Postby Zorbid » 2003-3-11 @ 08:50

I don't think so... AFAIK, timer issues are processor independant, they are due to a ~buggy timer implementation in Windows.
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Postby Snover » 2003-3-11 @ 23:05

Some games it's one thing, some games it's the other, I think.

Now that we've exhausted all three possibilities (yes, no, maybe), let's get Vlad in here to tell us what's correct.
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Postby weiweiwei » 2003-4-02 @ 00:19

i played this dos game on my comp and it sooo slow with the music slow on this windows 2000

but i played on my other computer an XP 2100+ with windows XP and the speed is good

but then the xp2100 has an asus a7n8x deluxe board with the nforce2 chipset so its a nvidia soundstorm...

and it has music but no sound effects...so weird...

so i guess on my windows 2000 with sblive card i can hear sound effects?
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