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It is a long time. It asks about VDM Sound not starting in this front Japanese version Windows XP. Although it came to start when updating the driver of ESS Maestro 2E, the message of the following in the middle of a game will come out and stop shortly. Although the long message has appeared in "Shutting Down AllegroExiting Due to signal SIGSEVGeneral Protection Fault at eip=001037af" etc. variously, it omits here. How is what is necessary just to carry out for avoiding this? Please let me know someone. The game incidentally started is the MS-DOS last version of M.U.G.E.N. * I am sorry since translation service of Japan Infoseek is used, when there is a strange portion grammatically. Please understand that I cannot do English at all.

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Maybe someone can convert these into a "Problem Children" note about MUGEN. Nicht Sehr Gut, are you game...?

Anyhow, tough reading for a Japanese speaker. Find yourself a friend who knows English well, Unregistered.

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Originally posted by Schadenfreude Maybe someone can convert these into a "Problem Children" note about MUGEN. Nicht Sehr Gut, are you game...?

No. MUGEN is an absolute dog of a program. From the ReadMe that comes with the program:

Agreement to this license grants you the right to use the MUGEN environment, version 2001.04.14, until and not beyond 12:01 AM (Greenwich Mean Time) on November 1, 2001.

Even the programmers don't want you to be using it anymore. They want you to use the Linux version.

With every program there are a number of variables, but I haven't seen anything that compares with MUGEN. It is unstable, unreliable, and unsupported by it's own programmers. If someone wants to come up with a solutions listing, they are more than welcome to...

My problem is that, even when it was run in DOS, running MUGEN could be a headache. When run in an NT OS, it is a nightmare. The effort to troubleshoot MUGEN is like troubleshooting a dozen game programs. This is why I almost always provide a link to a "fan site". They will know the program in great detail and, even if they don't know much about 2000 or XP, are more likely to have an answer.