Battlecruiser 3000 a.d. 1x

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Battlecruiser 3000 a.d. 1x

Postby Gamecollector » 2011-7-09 @ 12:08

1) If you press anything except "start new game" - the game do not react anymore to a mouse or a keyboard.
2) Black screen (with the background music) after the "start new game".

These two bugs are present starting from the version 1.07c.

Any solution from these bugs?
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Re: Battlecruiser 3000 a.d. 1x

Postby ripsaw8080 » 2011-7-09 @ 13:23

The readme for the game says 16MB is minimum memory, 32MB recommended, but it seems some crashes can be avoided with memsize=31. I didn't find any part of the game that completely hangs, but there are some rather long waits for the next screen to appear. The minimum CPU requirement is a Pentium 133, Pentium 200 recommended... not sure how fast the host processor would have to be to reach that kind of speed in DOSBox; but keep that in mind if you encounter sluggish performance.
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Re: Battlecruiser 3000 a.d. 1x

Postby robertmo » 2011-8-15 @ 12:05

Battlecruiser 3000 AD 2.09 Freeware C:\BC3000AD\BC3KFAQ.HTML
A. Because it does not. You must run it under WIN9x using the shortcut created by the setup

Actually it runs in DOS but it takes a lot of time for loading at some places.
You can speed up that by:
ykhwong build was the fastest for me,
cycles=max 105%
memsize=16 (you can test 8 with "configure" in menu, but the game will need 16)
twice more memory means twice more waiting ;)
8mb memory takes 10 seconds waiting on my phenom 2000mhz

Real computers behave exactly same way with this game (for example Athlon 1GHz - 16MB - 10seconds waiting)

Of course everything loads immediately in dosbox with win9x installed.

Btw I wonder what is the difference between windows and dos memory handling that makes this game work ok in windows and not in dos?
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Re: Battlecruiser 3000 a.d. 1x

Postby Jorpho » 2011-8-15 @ 16:18

Wasn't 1.x a horrible bug-laden crapfest? I'm kind of curious why anyone would want to run it at all. Some things are better forgotten, no? ;)
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Re: Battlecruiser 3000 a.d. 1x

Postby Gamecollector » 2011-8-15 @ 16:22

Ok. With memsize=16 the pause is 42 seconds on my test PC.
So the topic can be closed.
Jorpho - for the history purpose. Plus version 1.07+ is supporting glide.
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