Higher-end MIDI modules in DOS games?

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Higher-end MIDI modules in DOS games?

Postby megatron-uk » 2012-2-18 @ 13:38

Has anyone here had any experience in using more 'professional' type MIDI modules for DOS games?

Things like the Roland JV880 / 1080 and 2080 or the Yamaha MU90 / MU100.

I'm specifically more interested in the Roland JV1080/2080, as these appear to be quite high end, but prices seem to be more reasonable than, say the SC88/Pro for example.

There are some examples of the JV-1080 in games on youtube, by user "raymangold22" (http://www.youtube.com/user/raymangold22?feature=watch) and they sound really nice - the samples are much better than my SC55mk2 or XR385, for example.

But this type of kit has memory cards, plug-in modules of additional samples etc, so I don't know if you would have to fully kit one out with lots of addons to get decent GM playback.
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Re: Higher-end MIDI modules in DOS games?

Postby Mau1wurf1977 » 2012-2-19 @ 02:35

I believe that some games will most certainly sound "better", but others might sound imbalanced and wrong because you are so used to the way they sounded on the sound canvas.

It's like playing with sound fonts, a never-ending quest for something "better" :)
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