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SMP enabled games (pre-2005)

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I have a dual tualatin 1.4 supermicro system and I have had a dual coppermine 1.0 system, also have a dual coppermine 933 non workstation via chip system... along with some others... and a few single tualatin coppermine and older systems... with my voodoo5 I notice a good improvement in game performance with the duallies even without the smp support directly in the game. Want the dual p3 933? email me jaqiefox using gmail or aim im me, and we can talk about it. I'm into trading and have a good digicam to take pics with. my heat is under jaqiefox if you are interested, as well. I don't care about the dual 933 since its not a workstation board, and thus can't take the 1gb ecc/reg dimms (it takes standard and maybe ecc up to 512mb).

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Thanks jaqie, but I'm a long ways from oregon. Shipping alone would not make it worth it. And I've got 4 fast single cpu rigs already- a 966mhz P3, 3ghz Northwood, 3.6ghz Prescott and 2.5ghz A64. Whatever little room I have left in my study is reserved for newer systems now.

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I love SMP tech, but there are very few games that take advantage of it. 🙁. I have a dual 1ghz slot 1 copermine. a dual slot 1 550mhz, and a dual athlon xp 2200+ in the works. But my systems are geared for gaming, but thanks to there dual cores, when i'm not using them for gaming they run game servers. Call me terrible, but I'v found that certain game sever apps,(the mine craft server app for example.) run better on a dual core @ half the speed of a single core. but really the only reason i like them is cause there fricken cool. and i can say: "I Have a dual core 550mhz PIII with 1024mb's of Ram!

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