Mainboard floppy problem

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Mainboard floppy problem

Postby Soupdragon » 2012-3-16 @ 12:22

I just received a bundle of an Epox P-55-BT 430TX main board, P200 MMX and 32MB memory from an old computer reseller here in the UK.

First problem was the memory didn’t work it wouldn’t boot until I swapped it for some of my own. Second problem the CMOS battery doesn’t hold its charge when i remove power from the pc.

Those two where easily fixed. The third problem has stumped me. When I power it on I get an error message "Floppy Disk(s) failed (C0)"

I made sure the cables where around the correct way. I tired other FDD's and cables. I tired resetting the CMOS jumper on the board. I tried disabling all ports on the board in the BIOS. I tried booting up with just the minimum amount of stuff connected (CPU, memory, Graphics, Keyboard and FDD). Nothing works.

The only way I can get the message to not display is to set FDD to none in the BIOS. I want to be able to use the FDD so that’s no good.

parts i am using with it:

Matrox Millennium II PCI graphics card
Teac 3.5" 1.44MB FDD
Aopen 230W ATX PSU

Anyone have any ideas of things to try?
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Re: Mainboard floppy problem

Postby Totempole » 2012-3-16 @ 13:36

You've probably tried this already, but what about connecting the floppy cable the other way round, or trying a different power connector?

These are the only 2 things I can think of, you've tried everything else.
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Re: Mainboard floppy problem

Postby shspvr » 2012-3-16 @ 14:07

As rule of thumb when buying a use motherboard you also count on the CMOS battery being no good keep in mind that boards sit round for long so the avg lifespan of up to 4mos to 6mos.
As for you floppy as Totempole said sometime you can't be 100% sure if have hook up rigth every motherboard is diff, One way to tell is if the harddrive led ligth off motherboard is on soild then not hook rigth sometime the floppy drive ligth will stay on to.
Make sure you cable as twist for A:
flipping the floppy cable around if don't work try flipping one end the floppy cable a round.
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Re: Mainboard floppy problem

Postby Soupdragon » 2012-3-16 @ 15:21

100% sure its connected the correct way. I tried every way just to be sure. I think the mainboard has a fault. I am going to try to get a refund.

True the bios battery isnt a problem just odd selling a mainboard with an old battery when he has batterys for sale on there own.
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Re: Mainboard floppy problem

Postby RacoonRider » 2012-3-21 @ 03:36

You can try to, but you might just get an ISA controller card instead. They're not hard to get, almost every 286, 386 and early 486 had them.
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