Kurzweil VGM - Another infamous GM daughterboard?

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Kurzweil VGM - Another infamous GM daughterboard?

Postby aleksej » 2012-4-15 @ 16:48

While tried luck in another time in digging AVM Summit or General MIDI engine daughterboard (yes, i know, one lie right now on ebay.com but this one heavily overprised despite of their condidion) itself or some new info about, i found this for first.
http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~wz4k-tnk/di ... ummit.html
If I understand correctly Kurzweil also sells their own modification of that daughterboard as expansion for their PC88 keyboard which brings GM compatibility and called this bord Kurzweil Voice/GM Expansion Board or Kurzweil VGM in short.
I wonder if it contains same GM bank like AVM General MIDI Engine and don't require any kind of preparations (sysex command, etc) for running in GM mode, in other words - waveblaster compatible "right-out-of-the-box" for gaming purposes. Thats would be cool.

Some photos.

Funny stuff about that board.
It reminds me Number Nine with dedications to Beatles in their products.

Any thoughts about?
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Re: Kurzweil VGM - Another infamous GM daughterboard?

Postby gerwin » 2012-4-18 @ 17:54

Interesting pictures, finally a good image of the AVM summit DB. It looks a little clumsy with the transistor put there where the PCB is not designed to hold one.
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