Favorite brands for your retro hardware

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Re: Favorite brands for your retro hardware

Postby coppercitymt » 2012-4-29 @ 16:26

Intel CPU's and Chipsets: Just because, enough said.

Toshiba: for sticking to the ATX standard, when Gateway HP Dell Compaq found a way to make something non-standard.

3dfx: For awesome graphics cards.

IBM Storage: The Micro Drives, GMR Heads, The Death-star and a few other things .

HP: For printers and scanners.

ASUS: For awesome mobo's
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Re: Favorite brands for your retro hardware

Postby GXL750 » 2012-4-29 @ 16:37

For a complete desktop, my favorite brand is Gateway 2000. My favorite laptops are IBM. Asus, Gigabyte and Tyan are tied for motherboards. For graphics, it's a tie between the Matrox Millennium and the ATI Mach64. Creative is my favorite brand for sound cards and Western Digital for hard drives. As for retro monitors, Sony! The Northgate Omnikey Ultra is the best keyboard money ever could buy. I could also name a favorite printer but seriously, can't we just agree all printers more than a few months old kinda suck? I mean I have a circa 2000 LaserJet 4050n that absolutely rocks but when we talk about consumer grade printers that the average person could afford to buy new, we're usually referring to inkjets and I don't like any. As for scanners, my favorite would be the USB powered Canon Lide models.
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