ZMBV 64-bit codec, here you go.

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ZMBV 64-bit codec, here you go.

Postby Kisai » 2013-5-16 @ 15:54

Call me lazy or silly, but whenever I reinstall dosbox, I inevitably forget about the zmbv codec until I try to play a video. Hopefully this is the right place to post a solution.

I compiled a 64-bit codec a few years ago when I was goofing around in trying to see what Google (Youtube) could take. I mostly used the codec for trimming ZMBV encodes in VirtualDub x64. Sometimes I resized things and that resulted in a re-encode.

There really isn't much point to the 64-bit codec other than to make it work in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4+ , VirtualDub 64bit, or other 64-bit native software with a VFW interface. There is no speed or performance change, and the codec will not use more than one cpu core by design.

Attached is the binary version of the ZMBV 32bit and 64-bit codec and a registry file that will "install" it on 64-bit windows. You will need administrative access.

Instructions, just copy zmbv64.dll to \Windows\System32 and then run the registry file. You may want to copy zmbv.dll to \Windows\SysWOW64 if you want the same version of the file for 32-bit software. This is exactly how I install it each time.

To differentiate the 64-bit codec from the 32-bit codec that comes stock with Dosbox, this version will say "Zipped Motion Block Video x64 0.1b" But it's otherwise reads and encodes files that work with the original version and ffmpeg produced ZMBV compressed AVI files.

PS, if you don't know what you're doing or why you need this, don't download this.
PPS, this is AS-IS, No warranty, No support. I can't find the source code from which I built it from, but the changes were trivial and by default operates exactly as the 32-bit codec that comes with dosbox 0.74.
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