Warcraft 2 Map Editor

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Warcraft 2 Map Editor

Postby Elexx » 2013-5-25 @ 07:15

Does anyone know how to get the Map Editor to work??? It allows me to open it, create a new map, do whatever I want with it... But when I try to save it, it just closes. I tried different mounts for that folder and nothing is working. Help would be appreciated.
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Re: Warcraft 2 Map Editor

Postby LegitimateEvil » 2018-1-21 @ 10:30

Have you ever figured it out yet? I'm having the same issue.
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Re: Warcraft 2 Map Editor

Postby Cyberdyne » 2018-1-21 @ 20:41

What windows version are you using?

Windows 3.1x plus WinG and Win32s are the best solution. Or Windows 95.
I am aroused about any X86 stuff that has full functional ISA stuff. I think i have problem.
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