Uninstalling DOSBox :(

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Dear DOSBox users and developers.

I was happy to download DOSBox to get back to my childhood and play Twinsen's Odyssey once again.

But my laptop started to run at 97% since then. So I decided it was time to say goodbye to the old days and delete DOSBox.

Problem #1: can't find the uninstall.exe file.

I went to Windows Install/Uninstall system, but...

Problem #2: can't find DOSBox in Windows Install/Uninstall system.

Desperately, I did a major backup.

Problem #3: not only DOSBox is still there like a cancer, it won't run or anything what-so-ever.

Googled solutions and found a "Perfect Uninstaller" program.

Problem #4: Perfect Uninstaller doesn't find DOSBox.

So I have DOSBox files that don't work, my computer is still running at 97% and I can't get rid of DOSBox. It was great to play that game again, but it's now damaging my laptop. What can I do?

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DOSBox does not make any registry entries nor does it copy anything into system directories outside of the Start Menu and the %AppData%\DOSBox folders. That is why it does not show in the uninstall list; it does not make the registry entry to be added to the list. You can uninstall it by running the uninstaller in the program's folder or the uninstall shortcut in the Start Manu. That is at least if you got the official download from http://www.dosbox.com. If you got it from some unknown source then who knows what you downloaded.

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Yeah.... I really don't think you know what you are saying. DOSbox isn't what is "destroying" your laptop, most likely you downloaded something else malicious. 🤣

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If by 97% you mean CPU utlization and if so you must be referring to a single processor system?

Go into task manager and view what is using up your CPU cycles.

If DOSBox isn't being used then it will not affect your system.

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I wonder how many people have 1980s DOS era viruses lurking on their DOSbox installations...

This almost happened to me as I was imaging/copying my dad's old floppy disks. My antivirus software flagged a file as infected with an ancient virus. The dilemma: preserve a perfect image of the floppy, virus and all, or get rid of the infected file? I think I kept it on there...

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Hmm I never even thought about that. Then again I've never even come across anything from that era that my antivirus took up an issue with.

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