Arthur's Knights with dgvoodoo

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Oh, sorry about that... 😀

I'll update the description and put the two other patches too.
Yes, I didn't need the Russian patch because CPU type detection is built from the same template in all the games.
Except in TimeQuake where there is a little additional code.

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Hi guys! I want to thank both of you (and the unnamed Russian guy) for creating these patches! Wonderful to play these games so smoothly AND with 3D acceleration again, after all these years. Without Virtual PC's and what have you. Great work!

Just thought of writing to you about the things I encountered on my system (win10, NVIDIA-card 1060 GT) , when using the patches and dgVoodoo.

* Arthur's Knights 1 & 2
played as smooth as butter for me. Great. Only problem right now for me is the CD-switching. How did you guys manage to do that? Mounted mine because of too much loud spinning while the game plays cinematics or searches for audio, but have to leave the game-screen by hitting the windows-button to eject CD1 and put in CD2. When I get back to the game, graphics are more pixelated somehow.

* The Odyssey
Absolutely playable, but still gave me some problems. Installed the game in Win98/ME compatibility-mode for skipping an error after the installation. To play the game in 1024 x 768 px wasn't straightforward somehow. Ingame-settings said I played in this resolution, but in fact I was still in 640 x 480 px. Eventually I managed to change it by unchecking win98/ME compatibility-mode. But now it played in a low framerate and skipped all cinematics (only when I set color-mode to 16-bit in the compatibility-tab of the game-icon, cinematics were back again) Another graphical glitch I encountered: the graphic shape behind conversation-options doesn't show, which makes answers difficult to read here. Played in the " dgVoodoo 3D accelerated card" mode.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe it's still my inexperience with dgvoodoo. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks anyway for taking the time to get these 'obscure' games to work on newer systems. Great to see!

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Hi there, Twilight Adventures! Good to see you here. 😀

I have a solution to your Arthur's Knights problem that should work for you - and it works well with both Arthur's Knights games.

I did not mount the CDs to a virtual drive. Instead, what I did was this:

I installed the game.

I then copied all the CDs over to the game folder.

Then I went to the Arthur's Knights system folder, which contains the initialization file, and edited it so that it looks like this:


And that's all there is to it. Both games run completely off the hard drive now, with no CDs required.

As far as Odyssey and Time Machine are concerned, I haven't tried them yet, so hopefully Dege will be able to comment upon this when he has the time. I hope to find the time this week to give them both a whirl. I still have the Russian patch for Odyssey at the ready, if it turns out that he wants to take a look at it (he did say, though, that he didn't need to).

Good to have your input on this. 😀

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Thanks Marian! Can now play Arthur's Knights without switching CD's. A delight. 😀

Also made some progress with Odyssey. I finally understood how to add dgVoodoo-config-files to the game-folder. Wasn't possible first, because apparently they weren't created on my PC because of admin-rights. Solved it and I managed to increase the VRAM now and play it in the original aspect ratio (4:3 in 1024 x 768 res.) and I never saw this game running smoother. 😀 The only graphical glitch remaining now is the missing dialogue-graphic when talking to people. Since it finally starts in Windows 10 (thanks to Dege's created patch) I can switch to my Integrated Videocard as a second option, which renders the characters and dialogue-graphic perfectly without the graphical glitches my NVIDIA-card creates. But it would be nice to play the game entirely with dgVoodoo. Sounds more future-proof to me than an integrated videocard that will eventually be replaced 😀.

Looking forward to your results.

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I'm using windows 7 x64
I have installed the The odyssey in Win98/ME compatibility-mode for skipping an error after the installation
I copied the needed dll used by this game (wich were on my dgvoodoo package under the ms\x86 folder) into the main game folder
I forced odyssey with a resolution of 1920x1080 with dgvoodoo.
I saved the dgvoodoo configuration file on main game folder,
I also applied the dege patched exe
As long as i tried the games works like a charm and i can even read the dialogues. They seem regular to me 😀

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Now that I've just discovered this game, I'm gonna put it on my list of titles to try. This forum is very useful for discovering games that I never would have known about otherwise, as I can look them up on YouTube and find gameplay vids that give me a good idea of whether or not something is going to be interesting enough to try.