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Help with running a very old game installer

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First post, by rado84

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Hi. I read the readme file of dosbox but the farthest point I got to was mounting the folder where the setup.exe is. I can't find a way to run the setup file and install the game, so that I can play it. It's a very old game called MotoExtreme. Unfortunately it's so old that I can't find the game CD Ripped anywhere.

This is what the game CD looks like:
https://s33.postimg.org/dfo0at56n/WP_20171129 … 0_16_12_Pro.jpg

And this is how far I got following the instructions:

Reply 1 of 3, by BeginnerGuy

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Just going by your picture, you mount your game folder as the C: but you aren't switching to your C: drive yet

Try as follows:
mount C D:\torrents\motoex

type dir to have it spit out the contents of your current directory so you can see what files it contains, setup.exe for your game is not in the Z: drive in this case, it's in the root of your C drive.

Sup. I like computers. Are you a computer?

Reply 2 of 3, by rado84

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I did what you said (typing C:, then "dir" and it showed the files, the setup.exe included). But when I typed (in C:) setup.exe, a message appeared "this program can not be run in dos mode". Which is weird because me and my best friend used to play this game under DOS when we were kids (21 years ago).
I already tried running the setup under a Windows 95 VirtualBox with no success - the setup.exe just wouldn't run under Windows.

Reply 3 of 3, by DosFreak

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It's likely a 16bit Windows executable so run it on a 32bit Windows OS.

Also we don't support "abandonware" here.


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