Aztech Sound Galaxy Pro II DOS setup

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Aztech Sound Galaxy Pro II DOS setup

Postby sf78 » 2017-12-03 @ 11:09

I wanted to make this thread as this model seems to be less talked about and there are a few issues setting it up in DOS. First of all, you NEED Windows to install it, the DOS installation does not copy any files (config or otherwise) to your HDD therefore it's unlikely you get the desired configuration just by using the presets. The Windows installation does allow you to configure the card during installation, but it also copies CONFIG.EXE to your UTILITY folder so you can tweak it later. The problem with this card is that it uses MIDI 330 as a preset which conflicts with other MIDI devices and you need to change it to 300 to make things work. The preset for IRQ was 5 so that didn't cause any problems for me. Here are the drivers needed for this card (SGP16II). Make sure you check the proper card version from the index file so you get the correct driver. Mine used the MMSN822 chip so and where the correct ones. Also, the HWSET utility used with other Aztech cards DOES NOT work with this one, you need the config utility mentioned before.

edit: I uploaded the UTILITY folder which should have everything you need to configure and diagnose the card under DOS. No need to install Windows then. :happy: ... /index.txt

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Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy Pro II DOS setup

Postby Michiel79 » 2018-1-12 @ 10:56

Good info! Thanks :)

I myself am currently trying to setup a similar card, in a 486SX with a Phoenix bios on DOS 6.2 and Win 3.1.

Mine is an Aztech sound audio PC 16-bit ISA, found in HP's: HP p/n 5064-2620 D5182-63001 . Using the AZT2320 chip. It is supposedly SBpro II compatible.

I tried the DOS drivers from this site ( I copied the drivers and added the required lines to the autoexec.bat, but no luck so far. I wil give the utilities that you linked to a try, just to check if it can actually 'find' the soundcard.

And I wil give the P1633d drivers a go ( and report back here.
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Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy Pro II DOS setup

Postby Michiel79 » 2018-1-12 @ 12:31

I tried the diagnostics tools you posted. I'm starting to believe my soundcard may be dead or somehow incompatible with this system. When running the diagnostics or hardware config tools, I just get this response back: "Soundcard not found!"

I tried another ISA slot, same thing.

Maybe I should check the jumpers on the card..
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Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy Pro II DOS setup

Postby konc » 2018-1-12 @ 14:41

Aztech cards are known to be super picky about the drivers/software used. Make sure to use whatever was released for your exact card model -not "a similar card"- before declaring it dead.
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