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Re: nGlide

Postby Stiletto » 2017-12-14 @ 21:38

Congrats to Zeus, this was unexpected:

nGlide 2.00 (with a new, optional Vulcan backend) has been released: ... f=2&t=2044

nGlide 2.00 changelog:

-added support for BoaBite 3D
-added support for K.O. Boxing
-added support for Natural Fawn Killers
-fixed Pył rare depth buffer bug

-fixed Die Hard Trilogy 2 regression (dx backend)

-added Glide to Vulkan emulation
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Video backend'
-new environment variable: NGLIDE_BACKEND
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Refresh rate: By desktop'
-nGlide configurator window now repaints properly after resolution change
-nGlide configurator now implements both ANSI and Unicode WinAPI variants
-ICC profiles are no longer ignored in fullscreen mode
-game window coordinates are now restored properly on close

As always, download, and the best user support, found over at :)

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Re: nGlide

Postby Kerr Avon » 2017-12-19 @ 21:00

Thanks for this, nGlide is great!
Kerr Avon
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Re: nGlide

Postby Azarien » 2018-1-04 @ 16:27

Stiletto wrote:-added Glide to Vulkan emulation

I wonder what was the point, or is it just that Vulkan is getting trendy. Does it solve any problems?
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Re: nGlide

Postby F2bnp » 2018-1-04 @ 16:43

Future proofing could be a reason.
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Re: nGlide

Postby leileilol » 2018-1-04 @ 18:42

Vulkan has more potential for low level fakery of the Voodoo chips themselves, though I can't imagine that on zeus' roadmap (dithered mips, etc)
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Re: nGlide

Postby DracoNihil » 2018-1-06 @ 17:41

Well having a Vulkan backend, if it's mature enough, means I can use this under Wine and have it talk more or less to my actual Vulkan renderer than WineD3D.
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Re: nGlide

Postby Srandista » 2018-3-27 @ 07:13

It seems, that with current drivers from AMD (from version 18.3.1), Vulkan support is fixed on their cards, so now even Radeon cards can utilize Vulkan API as its backend.
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