New front end (windows only)

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New front end (windows only)

Postby Dewed_up_Scope » 2005-9-12 @ 22:00


I downloaded the front-end for DoSBox that's advertised on the DoSBox home page, but was so unhappy at the number of crashes I received (of the front-end, not DoSBox) that I wrote my own.

You can get it here:

Windows only (sorry Linux and Mac users :(), very compact and creates only 2 text files to store info - so run it from its folder to keep everything together.

Feel free to use it and feedback to in the Software Comments and Feedback Forum. No registration required for there. Its my Call of Duty game clan forum, but no sweat to post about it there. This program was too small to create anything specifically for it.

Its so easy to use (in my opinion) that I didn't bother with any documentation besides a few pointers in the software (famous last words, lol).

Updates will be posted at at the bottom of the page.

Dewed up Scope.

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