play starcraft on my android?

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Can I use dosbox to emulate starcraft? I don't have a pc, just my chromebook. The chromebook can use apps from google play.

I extracted the starcraft broodwar. Is there a way I can make c:/ activate setup.exe? What do I type in?

I may need a number of tries. Please help! Thanks.

Reply 1 of 2, by gca

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I would say no. Starcraft needs Win95 minimum (recent remaster probably something way more recent) and won't run on DOS emulated or otherwise as it was never intended to. Win95 or better running under emulation, maybe, but I doubt the performance would be worth the hassle.

Reply 2 of 2, by DosFreak

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DOSBox doesn't support Windows 95 as a guest.

I heard that Chromebooks may support Linux programs if they don't already if so then pcem,virtualbox,vmware,wine etc would be your best bet.


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