Next Dosbox update?

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Next Dosbox update?

Postby jaygame1 » 2018-8-12 @ 01:02

Hey, are you guys working on another Dosbox update? The most recent version is 0.74, and the site hasn't been updated since 2013! Has work on Dosbox really stopped? I know the latest version can run pretty much any DOS game out there pretty well, but there's always room for improvements...
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Re: Next Dosbox update?

Postby Srandista » 2018-8-12 @ 06:00

Yes they are, updates for DOSBox are released almost daily.
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Re: Next Dosbox update?

Postby Matth79 » 2018-8-12 @ 17:46

When will one be blessed with the number "0.75" …. or maybe even "1.0"?
Is there too much movement to tie down a "next release"?
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