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I have a weird issue with my 486 DX2, based on an Asus VL/I-486SV2GX4.
As soon as I connect my Parallel Port ZIP 100 drive to the I/O card (tried two completely different I/O cards), the PC does not turn on anymore. If I connect it when the PC is already running, nothing bad happens, but the ZIP drive isn't recognized either. The ZIP drive works on other PCs.

When I say, the PC does not turn on, I really mean that. It does not make ANY sound, like no fan, no beep, no crackle from the PSU or anything else, absolutely nothing.
If I then turn the PC off, disconnect the ZIP drive either from its power source (wall adapter) or from the parallel port cable, wait a few seconds, the PC turns on again and works without any issues.

I gues some electronic fuse (which auto-recovers) blows somewhere in the PSU, but the big question is: WHY?
The ZIP 100 adapter has no earth (PE) line, the computer has, of course.

Any idea?

Thanks 😀

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Got any other parallel port devices other than the Zip drive (e.g. a printer) to try?

The problem could also be the ribbon cable attaching the physical parallel port to the I/O card (assuming there is one involved).