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Checked with windirstat today and all installed games on my gaming PC take up 4.7 TB

Ark (100 GB) and Fallout 4 (93.1GB) take up the most space.

Going to have to move everything over from my SSD array to a regular HD I guess. 🙁

Mabye when I upgrade my file server I'll move my Linux VM over and create a Windows VM to store all my game client downloads.

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Games take up roughly 60 GB out of the 320GB HDD(persisting with it...as it isn’t non-functional yet) in my main Desktop system. However, apart from playing Chess Titans (instances in single digits, recently installed and later uninstalled for certain reasons) and Lure of the Temptress(for testing only nowadays), I have not played any Games since Jan/Feb of this year, the period when I was interested in playing a Game as well as analysing the stutter experience while playing that game.

Burn / Nail / Shoot me...but please do it so only from online 🤣 , as I still have a debt to settle in my life(no valid smilies available in the entire list to portray the actual thing (or) lack of it. Difficult to explain the thoughts in words in full detail.

All these Milliways topics are sweetly distracting me from the thing I want to actually do now: DEBUG...back to debugging, before the normally allotted time-slot for a day expires.

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About a terabyte

DOS game collection

My vintage rigs:
Fujitsu Lifebook E330 - Working w/ Win95
Fujitsu Lifebook C352 - Nonworking 🙁
HP Pavilion A520N - Working w/ WinXP
AST Ascentia M 5260X - Working w/ WinME
IBM ThinkPad 770 - Working w/ Win2K