Old Game Star Wars Rebellion

Getting old Windows games working.

Old Game Star Wars Rebellion

Postby Hawawaa » 2006-1-10 @ 15:41

Ok i got the program of DOSBOX and D-FEND i got this from a pcgamer magazine the feb edition and followed what i was suposed to do and i get a error message when i use d-fend v2 to make star wars rebellion work. It says that this program cannot be run in DOS mode. what do i do. i got windows xp home edition. also i have tryed 2 different setup.exe files the other says illegal command: win.
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Re: Old Game Star Wars Rebellion

Postby DosFreak » 2006-1-10 @ 16:17

Your trying to play a Windows game in DosBox. This is noit possible. DosBox only playys DOS games.

Play your game in Windows.
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