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Hi everybody,

I'm a DOSBox user from the first days and was ever using it for playing M.A.X. Commander, the only game I ever got hooked on. My configuration of DFEND Reloaded 1.4.4, DOSBox v0.47 and M.A.X. I is perfectly working, stable and performant on a Windows 7 machine.

But now I am faced with a challenging problem. I have to migrate my private computer into a VirtualBox 6.0 machine. So I installed DFEND Reloaded and DOSBox v0.47 on that VM. I could get everything to work, all host OS drivers, hypervisor drivers, client OS drivers and client client (DOS) drivers are properly configured and work in chain like a charm.

With one exception: when the mouse is locked to the DOS window, it does not emulate the viewport of the DOS window but that of the virtual machine. That means the mouse does not stop but disappears at the DOS window borders and is ridiculously accelerated as if it maps the coordinates of the little DOSBox to the large VM window while drawing to the DOS window.

I have not found any settings to fix that. I can only adjust mouse locking and sensitivity which doesn't help. Is it a bug? Is VM support not implemented? Or am I missing something?

I would be glad for any help,

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Maybe don't use dosbox in a virtual machine ? Do you have to ?
I'd guess that it is a bug of virtual box instead of dosbox ?
Isn't there a dosbox port for your normal machine ?

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If using DOSBox in a virtual machine then you may need to disable relative mode or possible disable the mouse additions:
Re: Mouse capture not working in Linux with Xorg 1.20.x

Best option is to not run emulators or virtual machines inside emulators or virtual machines.

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