Games that show 16 colors ONLY in Tandy / PCjr mode?

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Here is an ever corrected list of games where Tandy Graphics are the 'best' option. These are games with Tandy/PCjr graphics that do not have EGA, MCGA, VGA, or SVGA/VESA. https://www.uvlist.net/search?fplat=75&ftag=d … a&fcols=g&ipp=c

This list does not account for official updates that allowed previously released games to use better graphics than it originally shipped with. For example, if a CGA game got an EGA patch after release, it will be excluded even if Tandy Graphics were the best option it shipped with. In some cases games get remakes with better graphics and those get their own entry separate from the original; in which case, the later release does not remove the original from this list. In other words, Tandy was the best option until an ?GA remake was published but the original still counts Tandy Graphics as the best option.

The list does not consider Amstrad, Composite CGA, Plantronics Colorplus, Hercules InColor, or HeadStart Explorer Graphics for reasons (those are arguably not superior to Tandy graphics anyhow, unless it is the 640x200 Amstrad Mode). The list can be adjusted for those by adding the -display-amstrad, -display-cga-composite -display-plantronicscp,-display-hgcic, -display-cgahe, and/or -display-640x200 exclusionary tags (note that -display-640x200 may exclude games with a monochome or 4 color 640x200 mode). ]

Anyone can correct errors and omissions at UVL (and thus, the list listed here). Just register <https://www.uvlist.net/me/register> and ask to be an editor <https://www.uvlist.net/contact/?action=beeditor>. If you don get an immediate response, please ask on the forums <https://www.uvlist.net/editpost.php> and a someone will respond.

Neville wrote:
NewRisingSun wrote:

This show from January 1985 is about computer games, but touches the subject as well, in particular starting at 17:45.

🤣 Those TV hosts look so stiff inside their suits... They look like they haven't seen, much less played, a single videogame in their lives.

Stewart Cheifet is awesome. And he's a gamer. https://twitter.com/cheifet

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A very good initiative, thanks zerothis. When I became interested in PCjr / Tandy games I had to build a list from scratch.

>Stewart Cheifet is awesome. And he's a gamer. https://twitter.com/cheifet

As I explained then, people talking about gaming in business suits was not the current trend in my country. Most TV hosts opted to look "cool" instead and wore jeans and oversized t-shirts and caps.