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hi, it's been a while since i've started a post here.
i've bought a thinclient with the idea of using it for dos/9x games, but i've found some problems in the process.

the thinclient is this:
HP t5135
CPU: VIA Eden Esther (C7 based) 400MHz
Chipset: VIA CN700 and VT8237 (compatible with P4M800/K8M800 drivers)
GPU: VIA/S3 Unichrome Pro
RAM: 128MB DDR2 soldered on board, non expandable (the GPU eats 64MB for video in the original OS, with windows OS it only takes 16MB)
Sound: VIA VT1612A AC'97 enhanced
NIC: VIA Rhine 2 VT6102
USB 2.0: 4 on back, 2 on front, 2 hidden inside the case (exposed so you can leave a WLAN dongle inserted and use it)
LPT, COM and PS/2 ports on the back
it uses standard phoenix bios, but heavily capped at options.

by default it comes with a 64MB IDE44 DOM inside, i've replaced it with a 4GB compact flash with an adaptor
the main shortcomings are the IDE44 connector and the low ram amount
it will work with XP but is hell due to heavy usage of paging, windows 2000 SP4 is way better but still high ram usage

windows 98se and ME: they install fine but then, random crashes, don't know if is because of the processor or what, because i've used windows 98se on a P4M800 based motherboard with pretty much the same hardware but a P4 2.26ghz and it works fine

there are patches available for that processor and windows 9x?

Ohh, the humanity 😢
386SX 25-C3 800-P3 900-Atom 1.6-C-D 2.13-P4 2.26-P4HT 3.0-P-DC 1.6-AFX 2.6-FX 3.3