Does anyone else prefer ME over 98?

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Re: Does anyone else prefer ME over 98?

Postby detritus olentus » 2019-5-16 @ 15:16

I prefer ME because I'm not a big DOS gamer and with kernelex the Microsoft Office compatibility pack will install but only works for Word documents but its something!
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Re: Does anyone else prefer ME over 98?

Postby leileilol » 2019-5-17 @ 00:52

Another Me preference does come in a bit when i'm a little nostalgic for that Y2K high end experience suffering with PCI sound and nVidia hardware though... I did go back to Win98SE later that 2001 as I did miss DOS gaming already, but Live's dos drivers didn't quite satisfy that much anyway
by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x
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Re: Does anyone else prefer ME over 98?

Postby Caluser2000 » 2019-5-18 @ 03:40

When I used ME I found it quite stable but never used it on a main setup. My go to was the original Windows 98 I customised it to look like w2k and added usb support, Had very little issues with it. It acted as a family gateway for a number of other systems. Still have it but not used it for quite a while.
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Re: Does anyone else prefer ME over 98?

Postby Fusion » 2019-5-22 @ 22:53

Who knew this thread would be so popular? :lol:

Good discussion. Maybe someone might give the old girl try again. :kiss:
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Re: Does anyone else prefer ME over 98?

Postby i386x64 » 2019-5-23 @ 22:50

Half-Saint wrote:Nah, avoided ME like the plague! It had a really bad reputation back then :-)

I did the same. When I saw someone who had it on like a PIII with 700 MHZ or maybe 800 MHZ I loved it. But buying the upgrade and upgrading my Compaq Presario AMD K62 350 Mhz it crashed allot and then after a reboot or just a startup the Desktop would be white and I would have to run active desktop recovery or something.
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