Can WinZip v6.3 split a file ?

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Can WinZip v6.3 split a file ?

Postby user33331 » 2019-6-09 @ 12:42

Last Win3.1 compatible WinZip is v6.3 can it split a file ?
- F-Prot 3.16F has a SIGN2.DEF file that is 5.556 KB large and it does not fit to a 1pc 1.44mb 3.5" Diskette.
How to split it to multiple diskettes and still be able to read it in Win3.1 ?
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Re: Can WinZip v6.3 split a file ?

Postby Solarstorm » 2019-6-09 @ 12:57

WinZip 8.1 was the last major release to officially support Windows 95. It included the ability to extract multiple ZIP archives in Explorer, configurable Explorer context menus, creation of split ZIP archives...
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Re: Can WinZip v6.3 split a file ?

Postby zyga64 » 2019-6-13 @ 07:28

There is 16 bit of Total Commander intended for Windows 3.x. It can split (and combine) files for sure.
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