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I guess at this point this is more of an introduction to what I'm trying to accomplish than a request for help since I haven't really done my due diligence in thoroughly looking through the forum, the wiki, or much of the other online resources readily available. Here's what brought me to vogons/dosbox.

My father-in-law has a franchise that he's been running for decades. The accounting software he uses was issued back in the early 90's and has served him and his employees well without issue until a couple weeks ago when the computer itself (Windows 95 OS) died.

I've been able to reinstall the software on a VM, but due to how the program is set to run, I encounter various issues when installed on anything newer than Windows 98 (even using XP's compatibility mode). We are on a time crunch to get him up and running before end of Q2, so we've ordered a "vintage" PC running Windows 95 off of Ebay and hope we plan to buy ourselves some time using that machine.

Thinking more long term, I had initially planned on going the VM route and setting up a Windows 95 VM that he could use to provide a seamless transition for him and his employees. However, the accounting software has a couple interesting quirks about it.

A) It requires the use of a floppy drive to write end-of-day back-up reports to a floppy disk. (I can kind of work around that using a USB floppy drive, but I've tried three different brands of USB floppy drives across multiple machines with different brand floppy disks, and they can pretty darn unreliable).
B.) The bigger headache is that when closing out a day, the software must print out about 14-20 pages of reports to a printer connected via parallel port. For the life of me I couldn't get a "print to file" setup working in Windows 95 with the accounting software. I also couldn't get the VM to recognize a printer connected via parallel port or USB->Parallel port.

Yesterday evening I stumbled across DosBox and spent about a half hour tinkering with it, and with little effort I was able to get the daily back up reports written to floppy image files. I haven't gotten around to trying out one of the DosBox varieties that support parallel port printing, but I'm feeling quite optimistic.

I'm hoping someone might be able to chime in on anything that I should research or prepare for to avoid headaches down the line, but here are my plans:
1.) Install DosBox (with LPT printing support) on a machine newer than that of the Windows 95 era.

2.) Configure DosBox to automatically load up the needed directories, and start the accounting software (via batch file) when the DosBox shortcut is double-clicked, as well as load up the appropriate floppy image file for whatever day it is.

3.) Configure DosBox to print to pdf and/or to a newer printer. If printed to PDF, the user would then have to manually open/print the pdf unless some kind of hotfolder was setup, but I'll iron out the details later.

Ultimately I hope to end up with a long term fix that provides a near seamless transition to the end users.

Things I'm currently worried about:
1.) The floppy disk/image situation. It may end up being easier for the end user to just use a USB Floppy drive than to worry about any confusion with floppy image files. I think the image files would be far more reliable, but the accounting software allows users to recover to previous days by loading up a floppy disk from a previous backup. If a user wanted to do that, then they'd need to know how to mount a different image file instead of just inserting a different labeled disk. I need to think of a way to quickly/easily let the user select an image file using a GUI to load it into an A:\ recognized by DosBox (think Virtual CloneDrive but for Floppies). I think asking them to use commands within the terminal just wouldn't work.

2.) Printer -- yeah, it's just been a constant hurdle so I'll have to cross that bridge when I get there. Any tips/suggestions are welcome.

3.) Anything in the program that might post compatibility issues outside of the Windows 95 OS. A lot of the batch files make use of batchfiles that used commands like DELTREE which posed a problem for the Windows XP VM.

Not worried about:
1.) Sound -- don't need it.

2.) Frame rate or graphics quality.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Ah, okay -- thanks for the link. Understandably, if I attempt to use DosBOX in the way I described, I can't expect to get any help or support within these forums as I'd be going completely against the recommended use.

With that being said, I know I can't be alone in this pursuit considering the abundance of sites out there that provide tips/tricks on how to use DosBOX for reasons beyond gaming and since there exists a fork that supports parallel port printing (a feature not often sought out for games).

Anyway, thank you again -- I'm glad to have found DosBOX either way. I used to play a game called Evasive Action and I may have to give it a shot again.

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Various business-oriented forks of DOSBox exist, including vDos and vDosPlus, but we don't in general go out of our way to support those products here at VOGONS.org.

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Awful lot of trouble and workarounds to get this working. I assume it was the hard drive that failed. If he doesn't do backups, he should do RAID 1.

But seeing as you bought a whole computer (not sure why) rather than install Windows 95 on a new disk, I'm not even confident it was the hard drive. Maybe you need to plug it into the new system (and for his sake get a backup provision working).

Or the other issue that you can't figure out how to reinstall the program in Windows 95, but you didn't say that. It just seems to me to be a terrific headache to do this VM, print to file, USB nonsense. Easier to just do it the right way.

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This topic is a bit old but I wanted to chime in and suggest just using hardware. It most likely doesn't need to be a Windows 95 era PC. Core 2 Duo's are similar age computers are cheap and plentiful. They offer parallel ports, floppy interfaces, everything you need. This will give you time to eventually transition off such an old system to something more modern. Since it's been over a month since this post I'm going to assume you have already figured out a solution. Oh there are also these neat IDE SSD's made for industrial equipment sold by an Israeli company. I have one. They are neat. I believe they have smaller ones that are like 4 - 8 GB. Way more than you need I'm sure.

Anyway thought I would toss some other ideas your way. If you happen to be in the S.F. Bay Area, I would be glad to help if you wanted to go this route.

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