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Recently I downloaded SW XvsT on GOG on my Windows 10 PC. I copied the whole directory of the game to a USB flash drive since I have a USB card in my Windows 98 PC and I heard that GOG games work on systems older than Windows XP as long as they are installed on something newer, then copied to the older PC. The game doesn't boot. All ideas would be appreciated.

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Yes, sometimes it does work to just copy the GOG directory to a retro PC and have the game work. Many times it won't though. But often it flat out won't (in the case of the game code being converted to Win32), or needs some modding, such as deleting or renaming nglide-specific files in the game folder. Sometimes a text file needs to be edited or a no-cd patch applied.

Here's a thread I started a couple of years ago on the topic with a list of working game and a link to Phil's Google Docs sheet with a bigger list:
GOG.com games that work in Win9x/ME with no fuss

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Sometimes games don't work without being installed properly. This might be fixable by copying the games' registry entries.

Also the GOG version comes with a wrapper (win32.dll) for the CD music that is perhaps not compatible with Win 98. Try deleting that file and then copy winmm.dll from the Windows directory there and rename it to win32.dll.