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Hi friends ..
been a while since I had any free time ..but with mum in respite care (dementia) I thought I'd do some archiving with my kryoflux hardware.
Oh dear when I came to my old big box Lucas arts Monkey Island floppies..
The dreaded bit rot has done its work.
Some disks are unreadable ..and even those that can be read have bad sectors.
So ..too late I guess but perhaps one of you guys can help ?
I'm attaching a photo to show I own these games.
So what I'm after is the floppy contents for both sets ..
Monkey 1 is 3 disks 1 x 720k and 2 x 1.44mb
Monkey 2 is 5 disks all hd I think.
The idea is to use doner floppies to subsitute the magnetic disc the re-write the original content ..assuming I can get the data.
I use WinImage a lot which might be helpful ..but any method would be good.
Can anyone help me restore these classics ?

...and yes I realise the wrong disks are in the wrong boxes in the photo but I was rushing ..🤣


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So my request just got less complicated ..
The 3 disk set (The secret of monkey Island) ..I have recovered disks 2 and 3
Sadly still need disk 1
I set up my Kryoflux drive and set the disk rotation speed lower..changed retries to 200 from 50 ...Set the number of rotations from the default to 10.
As you can imagine this slows down recovery ..if at all.
For example well over 2 hours of interrogation per 1.44mb floppy.
Persistance paid off for disks 2 and 3 ..
disk 1 (the 720k floppy) is so badly corrupted no way is it coming back from the dead.

I'll try the same process now with Le chucks Revenge.
This will take all day ..and doubtful if it will work.
...Another box game I'm trying to restore is System Shock from 1994 ....a 9 floppy game ..and again all disks were unreadable in a PC ...but using the above method I recovered disks 1,3,4,6,9.
The rest are destroyed 3,5,7,8
It really upsets me that I got my Kryoflux too late for these games.
cest la vie