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Hallo everybody,

First of all, I apologise in advance if something may seem a little weird, my english is not that good, and I'm not the kind of advanced user that can modify configurations in the computer easily...

I've just bought the Moto Racer collection in Steam, and it has some problems with the image quality... in the Steam forums it was recomended to install dgVoodoo to fix these issues... and it has gotten better... but there are some things that I still wanna change to get it looking better. To do that, I need to use the dgVoodooCpl.exe, but every single time I try to run it, I got first an SmartScreen message saying that it prevented the application to start. I choose the option read more, where I can say that it still should be executed, but then it comes an error message stating that "the operation couldn't get completed because the archive includes a virus or potentially unwanted software". I've tried to check the smart screen options, to add a exception for this program but nothing seems to work... And checking the forum I didn't found any relatable topic.

My system specs:
Windows 10 home single language
version 1903
OS version 18362.592
12 GB Ram
Intel Core i7-6700 CPU @3.40Ghz processor
I've installed dgVoodoo2 version 2.63.1

I'll be really thankful if anyone has an idea about how to solve this issue.
Have a nice day!

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I changed the 2.63.1 packages in the recent days because of google 'safe browsing' so I think that's why MS detects it again as malware.

Anyway, I submitted the current .zip files to MS and according to their feedback, they've just removed the detection.
I think it should be OK now with the latest Defender definitions.